Evan is born in 1983 in the Swedish town of Hallstahammar. He has spent most of his grown up life i Sweden. After finishing secondary highschool, Evan started to travel. He traveled to Thailand and spent some time there. The nature fashinated him and a curiosity to understanding nature started to emerge. Soon after that, Evan choosed to study biology at Stockholm University. He studied courses both at Stockholm University and Uppsala University. In the year 2010 he got a master degree in biology. He has also written and published scientific articles.

At first Evan had a strictly scientific view of the universe. There didnt exist anything else than that which you could tough and prove, the rest was mumbo jumbo and nonsence. But then something happened. It was as if Evan got to see the other side of the coin; that which laid beyond form, inside of you. An entire universe opened up for him. This all happened though such a stong experience and was so convincing. What had reveled itself to Evan, was the formless universe and now there was a reality. This reality is within all of us. This led Evan to explore the inner nature, to later come to the conclusion the it was the same nature he had studied academically.

Evan has written two books on the subject of science and spirituality. The books and take up subjects like consciousness, biology, the true self, love, the ego, compassion and death.

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