Uniting spirituality with science

One can see the universe from the formbased or the formless point of view. It is ofcourse one and the same universe, but you can see it as if one uses different languages when talking about them. The content of the outer universe that science is doing research on is as vast and diverse as the inner nature.

One can see that there are various facettes, dimentions and depth in both universes. You can unify spirituality and science. When you see it through this combined perspective, you get a more full and including view of nature.

For example:

In physics you learn about frequency, amplitude and volts. We make measurements and include them in the calculations we make. They exist in the universe. The amplitude is the height of the vibration and volts is the power. In the same way that there is frequency, amplitude and volt in the outer universe they also exist within us. For example, a thought or feeling can be formed i a certain way. It can be coupled to someone and be experienced as positive or negative. It can vary in strength and intensity. There is no border between the inner and outer. It is only one.

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